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Burgess Hill has a vibrant job market with a variety of opportunities in different industries. The town's healthcare sector is particularly strong, with numerous care homes, hospitals, and clinics providing opportunities for healthcare professionals. The town's industrial sector is also thriving, with positions available in manufacturing, engineering, and other related fields. Burgess Hill's strategic location makes it an attractive location for job seekers, with excellent transport links to nearby cities. With its friendly and welcoming community, Burgess Hill offers an appealing environment for individuals looking for fulfilling and engaging careers.

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Full Time Positions in Burgess Hill

Working full-time offers numerous benefits, including job security, financial stability, and a predictable routine. Full-time employees often receive benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans, providing additional security and stability. A full-time job can also offer opportunities for career growth and advancement, allowing employees to develop new skills and gain valuable experience. Working full-time can provide a sense of routine and structure, helping individuals to stay organized and focused. Full-time work can provide a sense of purpose, satisfaction, and a chance to contribute to society, making it an appealing career choice for many.

Part Time Jobs in Burgess Hill

Working part-time can offer several benefits. First, it can provide greater work-life balance, allowing individuals to pursue personal interests and spend time with family and friends. Second, part-time work can be less stressful, providing individuals with more flexibility and less pressure to meet work demands. Third, part-time work can offer valuable work experience and skills development. Finally, part-time work can supplement income, provide job security, and offer a sense of purpose. Many of our candidates have come to us for their first job, or at intermediary times in their careers.



Burgess Hill is a diverse area with a number of different industries from technology to care, from industrial to retail. Ultimately, whatever sector you are in, or would like to be in, 1Four1 have you covered. Reach out to one of our recruitment consultants today.

Theres no time like the present. If you are looking for a new position then just reach out to one of our consultants via email, call or come down to our offices in Crawley.

We are able to facilitate salaries within most brackets in Burgess Hill. We have successfully placed entry warehouse positions to C-Level candidates in technology. Give us a call today to discuss your options.

Of course! We have a number of clients in Burgess Hill that accept part time workers.

100% We have a number of positions available in Burgess Hill for night work. If you would like to consider a night job in Burgess Hill then reach out to one of our recruitment consultants.

For many of our clients we run a shuttle service for our staff to Burgess Hill from Crawley.