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Hassocks, located in West Sussex, is a thriving village with a mix of both rural and urban amenities. The town is located only 7 miles north of Brighton, making it an ideal location for job seekers who want to be close to the bustling city while enjoying a quieter lifestyle. At our recruitment service, we specialize in matching job seekers in Hassocks with local employers. Our team has a deep understanding of the area's job market and works closely with both candidates and businesses to ensure successful matches. If you are looking for jobs in Hassocks then you have come to the right place.

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Full Time Jobs in Hassocks 

Working full time in Hassocks can be a rewarding experience, with a range of job opportunities available in various sectors such as industrial, healthcare, technology, and more. As a village with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental awareness, many companies in Hassocks prioritize environmentally friendly practices and offer eco-friendly working environments. Additionally, the village's location allows for a more balanced lifestyle with easy access to the countryside and the seaside town of Brighton. Working full time in Hassocks offers a great opportunity to live and work in a thriving community that values sustainability and work-life balance. If you are based in Hassocks or commutable to Hassocks then you should get in contact today for a new position.

Part Time Jobs in Hassocks 

Working part-time in Hassocks is an excellent option for those seeking a better work-life balance. This West Sussex village is surrounded by beautiful countryside, with easy access to the bustling city of Brighton. Our 1Four1 Recruitment we specialise in placing candidates in part-time roles in the care and industrial sectors. Our clients are seeking individuals who are reliable, dedicated and have a passion for making a difference in their community. Part-time work in these sectors offers the chance to contribute to the local community while having flexibility in scheduling. Working part-time in Hassocks offers an opportunity to pursue a fulfilling career while enjoying the benefits of a village lifestyle.



We have a number of care and industrial positions available. We also have other positions in different sectors that may be of interest. You can reach out to our recruitment team today and we can talk you through our options.

Simple, reach out and contact us. We have a dedicated team of recruitment consultants on hand that can talk you through options and sectors. 

We have a range of different salary brackets available dependent on experience. If you have no experience, that is not a problem either. We have successfully placed many first time employment candidates that remain with the business years after!

We also have temporary positions available in Hassocks for candidates that wish to work a few less hours. There is the benefit of work/life balance, but still a regular paycheque.

Indeed we do. We are able to offer night work in care and industrial sectors. If you are looking for a supplementary income, or a new career, then perhaps night jobs in Hassocks could be for you.