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Haywards Heath is a picturesque town situated in Mid Sussex, England, offering a range of job opportunities across different industries. With its scenic location and friendly community, the town provides a fantastic environment for both residents and commuters. The town's job market includes opportunities in healthcare, with various care homes and hospitals located in the area, as well as industrial work, such as manufacturing and engineering. Overall, Haywards Heath offers an attractive location for job seekers looking for jobs in Haywards Heath will have  fulfilling careers in a beautiful and friendly town.

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Full Time Work in Haywards Heath

Working full-time offers numerous benefits, including a stable income, job security, and potential for career growth. 1four1 Recruitment has a range of full-time positions available in Haywards Heath, including day or night shifts, providing flexibility for different schedules. The recruitment agency works with a variety of clients across different industries, providing diverse opportunities for career development. Working full-time through 1four1 Recruitment can offer the chance to gain valuable experience, develop new skills, and contribute to the success of different companies in Haywards Heath.

Part Time Jobs in Haywards Heath

1four1 Recruitment offers various part-time positions in different industries in Haywards Heath. The agency has opportunities in driving, care homes, and warehouse positions, providing flexibility for job seekers with different skill sets and interests. Additionally, the agency offers temporary work for individuals looking for short-term employment to tide them over until they secure a permanent position. Part-time work through 1four1 Recruitment can offer a better work-life balance, allowing employees to pursue personal interests and obligations while earning a stable income.



As one of the areas we have serviced for a very long time, Haywards Heath is a particularly strong area for candidates. We are able to place our candidates in a number of different roles in Haywards Heath and have brilliant working relationships with our clients. If you are looking for part time or full time work in Haywards Heath then you have come to the right place.

Reach out and give us a shout. Sometimes the first step is the most daunting. But, contact us today and one of our recruitment consultants will talk you through our open positions and what may fit you.

Indeed you can!

A number of night positions are available in Haywards Heath. If you have worked nights previously, or are looking for a change in careers then give us a call today.

Haywards Heath is a beautiful quiet little town with tons of character. There are a number of bars for the night life and a number of boutique coffee shops and stores for those preferring to end a shift and head for breakfast!