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If you're searching for jobs in Horsham, 1Four1 Recruitment is here to assist. As a historic market town in West Sussex, Horsham is an attractive location for job seekers looking for a change of pace. Our agency specializes in connecting candidates with a wide range of job opportunities across multiple sectors, including healthcare, industrial, and driving. Additionally, we have plenty of other opportunities outside of these sectors, so there's something for everyone. Start your job search in Horsham today and take the first step towards a rewarding career.

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Full Time Work in Horsham

Many companies, including those in healthcare, industrial, technology, and finance, have established a presence in Horsham, offering a variety of full-time employment opportunities. Working hours can vary, with many employers offering flexible schedules to accommodate their employees' needs. Additionally, commuting to and from Horsham is relatively easy, with good transport links to nearby cities such as London and Brighton. Overall, Horsham provides an attractive work-life balance for those seeking full-time employment.

Part Time Jobs in Horsham

Part-time work in Horsham offers a great opportunity for individuals seeking a more flexible work schedule. The benefits of working part-time include the ability to balance work with personal obligations such as family, education, or personal interests. Additionally, part-time work provides a more manageable workload and less stress compared to full-time positions. Many employers offer part-time work opportunities in various industries, including retail, hospitality, and healthcare, among others. Overall, part-time work is an excellent option for those seeking a more flexible work-life balance while still earning a steady income.



We have tons of opportunities in Horsham as one of our longest-serving areas. We are able to effectively source both full and part time positions in Horsham for fantastic candidates and companies.

Just say hello! You can come down to our offices in Crawley, or you can reach out via email or telephone on our contact page.

Salary brackets range from the opportunity to opportunity. But, we source great paying clients for our brilliant candidates.

We have flexible options for candidates that would like the opportunity in temporary work. Reach out for a new position today.

Definitely. We have a number of night jobs available in Horsham at any given time. Our clients actively recruit all year round for night work, so please feel free to reach out.